Why Would You Pay $10,000 for Penis Reduction Surgery?

Being in the business of the penis enlargement industry, I have heard case after case of horrible situations involving penis augmentation surgery, or commonly known as penis enlargement surgery. All of these cases involve irreversible effects, leaving a man either without a penis at all, a penis that is non-functional, or in best cases a scarred, deformed penis that has lost only some of its functionality.

First I would like to address the misconception behind surgical penis enlargement. Being men, we tend to care for our penis quite a bit. We make sure it is clean, if we see some kind of new spot; we immediately become concerned, wondering if everything’s okay, in general we place great importance on it. So it is not very hard for someone to realize that being involved in a penis industry will have success. Today we see hundreds of different products, techniques, surgery, pumps, weights, and even hypnosis. Everything and anything that people can scam you out of your money.

Now being that we are society that trusts doctors with our deepest secrets, secrets that even our spouse may not know about, we look for doctors when we are faced with a problem that involves our physical body, even the most intimate parts of our body. We trust doctors beyond immeasurable scopes. We will spend from $3,000 to $10,000 so our wives can get bigger breasts. The doctor fills the breasts full of silicone and bam, problem solved. Now this is where our biggest misconception comes from, if women can have it done, why can’t men have it done? Why would we not be able to successfully increase the size of our penis with surgery? Doctors are magicians right? Wrong. We fail to remember a few things. Breasts do not necessarily have to serve any function, it is like plastic surgery, and it is done for looks only. The penis is an organ that is required to function on a daily basis however, quite often several times per day. If it was just about looks then it would not be such a big issue. However there are an extremely large number of cases with men whose penis increases in size by several inches, but the problem is that he can’t get it up. What is the purpose of that? Just to throw out a few more stats at you, on the average penis enlargement surgery costs around $5,000. More than 50% of these surgeries require additional “reconstructive” surgery generally costing for a total of over $10,000. Why would spend that kind of money? Some people save years for these kinds of operations, only to come out damaged for life.

If you would like to read about a few real life stories:

San Francisco State University:


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Now what about alternatives? First I’d like to make sure that you even need an alternative. What is the reason for why you want a larger penis? Is it so you perform better in bed? Is it to be able to satisfy your sexual partner more? Is it so you don’t feel ashamed at the gym, or any other place where others can see your penis? If you said yes to any of these questions then you do not need penis enlargement. What you need is some confidence, maybe some more skills in bed, or in a worst scenario you just need something to help with the premature ejaculation. There are only a few reasons where I can see a larger penis a must; one includes trying to become a porn star.

Whatever your reason is however, there are natural, safe, and healthy ways of penis enlargement. Some of our recommended forms of penis enlargement are penis exercises such as jelqing and penis enlargement pills such as VigRX, Magna-RX+ and VP-RX, among others. There are many penis enlargement products, so please be sure to do your research before making your decision.